A stained glass-styled adventure game inspired by Sleeping Beauty

Best Game Design

Premio Drago d'Oro Italiano

3rd Place

Indie Game Maker Contest 2014

  • «Little Briar Rose is one of the best looking mobile games in a while, out now on iOS and Android.»

    Pocket Gamer

  • «This unique and audacious art direction, coupled with an expansive and immersive fairy-tale world to explore, culminates in a truly jaw-droppingly beautiful adventure game that stands out from similar point and click titles on the iPhone.»

    Touch Arcade

  • «Is there such a thing as love at first sight when it comes to mobile games? Possibly, at least when they offer visuals as stunning as the ones on display in Little Briar Rose.»


  • «Visually, Little Briar Rose is one of the most gorgeous games you’ll end up seeing on the App Store this year.»


  • «Immer wieder finden sich kleine Perlen im App Store, die auch uns erfreuen. Dazu zählt aktuell definitiv das Spiel Little Briar Rose.»


  • «With its well-crafted looks and smooth-running design, this game truly is a sleeping gem of the mobile gaming world right now.»

    Tamworth Herald

  • «Exquisite hand drawn graphics, beautiful music and a magical Disney touch make this a delightful game to spend time with.»

    The AppTimes

  • «Little Briar Rose è il gioco che farei giocare a mio figlio come favola della buonanotte, ma che, alla fine, mi farebbe rimanere sveglio fino a finirlo dopo la messa a letto del pargolo.»

    The Shelter

  • «In a sea of pixelated graphics and safe me-too styles, Little Briar Rose is a breath of fresh air.»

    Android Police

  • «Après une petite introduction digne d'un bon Disney très fleur bleue de la bonne époque, vous voilà donc lancé dans une aventure, ou plutôt une réelle quête, vers le château, tel un parcours initiatique pour le prince devant réaliser diverses tâches pour des créatures légendaires que vous rencontrerez afin d'ouvrir le chemin.»


  • «If you’re looking for a respite from the rigors of everyday life, Little Briar Rose is a beauty you’ll have a charming time exploring.»

    Adventure Gamers


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